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Normalize Images of Black Wealth for Your Children

Welcome From Our Founder

What is Raising Black Millionaires?

What began as an insightful book and thought-provoking blog has evolved over the years into a media company that produces educational tools and resources to empower parents and educators of Black children to rear them to be wealth creators and maintainers.  From our podcast and new television show (dropping soon on Amazon Prime) to our popular books, flashcards, and training videos, Raising Black Millionaires has become the brand that parents and educators trust to expand their children's perspectives and pool of resources, while showing them countless examples of how wealth is not only possible for them, but it's their true birthright

"A Priceless Read"

"This book is a must-have guide to raising black millionaire children. How to Raise Your Black Child To Be A Millionaire is easy to read and understand; and the in-depth information is priceless. It's not everyday one gets instructions from a millionaire."

-Paulette Bowe

"My daughter loves the flash cards, they inspired her to write her own book. The Million Dollar Project" 


"This is a great read. I can't believe I haven't been soaking up this blog. Love it! I too was wondering how they were winning. Setting up my kids to win."

Kaywanda Lamb -The Winning Single Mom

"How does one learn about money and wealth building? How do you pass on those lessons to your children? The answers to these questions questions make her book a good read for parents and anyone who is invested in the financial success of future generations."

-Alfred Edmond, Jr.

Senior VP/Editor-at-Large,

Black Enterprise Magazine

Senior VP/Editor-at-Large, Black Enterprise Magazine