About Us


What began as an insightful book and thought-provoking blog has evolved over the years into a media company that produces educational tools and resources to empower parents and educators of Black children to rear them to be wealth creators and maintainers.  From our podcast and new television show (dropping soon on Amazon Prime) to our popular books, flashcards, and training videos, Raising Black Millionaires has become the brand that parents and educators trust to expand their children's perspectives and pool of resources, while showing them countless examples of how wealth is not only possible for them, but it's their true birthright.  


We value our people, Black People, and we're dedicated to providing fun and engaging resources that are impactful and effective.  We're committed to delivering these resources in a way that exudes the deepest love, consideration, and respect, as well as the highest pedigree of professionalism that our people deserve.


Our Founding Director, Thiah Veona Muhammad, founded RBM to empower lower and middle class families with the knowledge, tools, and resources to enable them to create and maintain intergenerational wealth and economic interdependence among Black people throughout the world. 

What she initially intended to simply be a book that would share nuggets of information she'd learned from some of the Black Elite, evolved into the medium through which she could fulfill her mission of eliminating poverty among her people, while building an honorable legacy for her five children.  With the help of her husband and best friend, Mrs. Muhammad strives to enrich the lives of our people, each day, through her service and welcoming them into the RBM Family.