Parenting Secrets of the Black Millionaires: 6 True Stories Showing How To Unlock The Generational Wealth-Building Power Within Your Children, Vol. 1

So many parents have a desire to give their children a better life, but they don’t know how to get started, so they avoid having the money conversations altogether. 

In the book, How to Raise Your Black Child to Be a Millionaire, I will share with you the exact methods that millionaire's parents used to rear their children to success.
  • Identify poor financial habits that you may be unknowingly passing on to your children.
  • Identify the language and images that are having a negative impact on your financial objectives for yourself and your children. 
  • Provide a better life for your children. 
  • Learn from the success of others. Don’t figure it out alone.
  • Learn the habits that millionaire’s parents taught them that helped them to produce their financial fortunes. 
  • Learn easy ways to teach financial literacy to your children, as you learn with them. 
  • Learn what things to say and images to keep in your children’s environments to foster healthy self-confidence and millionaire-mindset building patterns