Raising Black Millionaires Flashcards, Vol. 2 **THE CONTINENT EDITION**

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Raising Black Millionaires is thrilled to present the Raising Black Millionaires Flash Cards, Vol. 2, **THE CONTINENT EDITION**.
Now we can combat the ideology that our people in Africa are savages who swing from trees with the visible proof that our people are globally enterprising businessmen & businesswomen who are dominating in their industries, with the wealth to prove it!
Now children, parents, and educators, alike can go on a fun exploration of today's Black millionaires and billionaires _who are from different parts of Africa_ and learn about the companies that have made them millions, their educational backgrounds, and their current projects and industries. Each week, you and your children can choose a card from this 52-card deck to become introduced to one of the Black community's giants in business and enterprise.

  •  Meet a new Black millionaire, billionaire, or head of a million dollar company each week.
  • ​Learn Black History, as it's being made, in real time.
  • ​Learn about organizations and boards supported by the millionaires, with which you and your student may want to work. 
  •  Learn about the books, products, brands, and programs created by these brilliant minds.
  •  Provide a clear picture of your child's own potential and beauty, through viewing millionaires and billionaires who look just like them.