Legacy Family Brands Course [3 months of the MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION]

Did you know that we have a significant number of Black-owned businesses that are MAJOR brands and were founded decades ago by the parents or grandparents of the current CEO of those brands? Companies such as H.J. Russell & Company, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Hightower Petroleum, just to name a few. 

These companies generate hundreds of millions (some even billions) in revenue each year and have been passed down from generation to generation. 


With this course, we change that for you and your children.  We take you into a fun, interactive learning experience that exposes you to the history of these brands and the families that built them and maintain them to this day.

Filled with videos, interviews, puzzles, and activities, your children will not only walk away with a greater since of pride and confidence in themselves and their own Blackness, they will have a deeper understanding of the industries that these companies dominate; and a vocabulary that will make further study of these industries effortless and enjoyable.